New (Coming) Releases - 2010

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New (Coming) Releases - 2010

Post  Vandooz on Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:36 pm

V's World of Deathmatch - TDM / DM
V's Lost Fierro - Gaint survival mode with some very special features
Zombie Attack 2
V's Stunt World

Vandex Stuntages/freeroam (edited V's stunt world) - Canceled due lack of players
Vandex World of Andreas - MMORPG mode

Future Reborn - Roleplay mode | click for their forums!

Atikson Prison Island - Jailbreak mode

Marcc & Alex:
Race Treft Auto - Stunting etc

Zombie Attack 2 - Zombie mode
Vandex Roleplay - Hard Roleplay

Color legenda:
Cancelled projects
Planned projects
Work in progress projects
Completed projects
Paused projects
Currently-Updating Projects

want to be in the spotlight too? send a pm to me!

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