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Post  Vandooz on Fri Nov 19, 2010 11:49 pm

Since there alot of useless topics and other crap, i needed to make some basic rules:

  • Useless posts/topics will be deleted by our staff
  • No bumping allowed within a day (24 hours after your post).
  • Speak english, because were cannot understand all languages.
  • Dont post right away, think 2 minutes how you going to write, let it look like a nice topic/post.
  • Dont make a new topic if you dont get replays at the same existing topic.
  • From now on, reporting a player from one of our related servers do you in the unban/ban section.
  • Be nice to others, dont flame, no advisements for porn or illigal stuff (like games etc), no rasicm.
  • If you apply something, read the highlighted (stickied) topics from that section, and post within it.
  • We've got more servers in the future, so if you talk something about one of our servers, put there which server you mean (like example: you post something about guns, then we dont know which server you want something with "guns").

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