19 / 20 Nov - [GM] Zombie Attack 2.4

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19 / 20 Nov - [GM] Zombie Attack 2.4

Post  Corne on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:07 pm

Today or Tomorrow Zombie Attack 2.4 will be setted online! Updates in this new version:

  • VIP`s got an own Spawnplace and a special shop with special items.
  • VIP`s can create they own OFFICAL clans, Ingame with command /createclan*
  • Some Bugfixes.
  • New mapping, (mapping for Area 51, vip spawnplace)
  • RESET (People above level 15 dont get an resetted account. If your under it you need Really fast get above level 15)
  • New mines for army added.

Green = Created
Red = Will be not created.
* = will be created later.

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