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Script Suggestions

Post  AlphaOmega on Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:40 pm

Faction Script Suggestions:
- A /makeleader command for admins that makes a person leader of the faction.
- Special Leader commands like /invite /giverank and /uninvite for leaders only.
- A Faction Radio like /r and a Department Radio like /d to talk to other factions like United Truckers and FCPD
- Faction Locker rooms, with Duty, Skins, Weapons, Also can get Health and Armor from them.
- Also Certain ranks can place down objects like Road Blocks, spikes, gates, Street Cones and the small orange cades [These for setting up check points]

Military Faction Suggestions:
- More vehicles like More Patriots that are faction restricted to Military only, Rhinos, Seasparrows, Rain Dance, Mavericks, FBI Ranchers for Rescues or what not.
- Special Bunkers can be made by like certain Military members through a rank system.
- Script in Ranks like Rank 0-6 or if you can make it 0-8 Ranks

Global Suggestions
- Maybe edit the tags like not only survivor or zombie make it where they get certain amount of kills and get a different tag like Elite Survivor or Ultra Noob Razz
- Also save last spawn point so people don't gotta spawn at a stupid spawn Razz and make like a shop instead of when you respawn as human.


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