Offical Gangs - Benefits

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Offical Gangs - Benefits

Post  Corne on Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:58 pm

- Mapped Base:
Your gang will be allowed to have a Mapped Base with one gate.
You aren't allowed to map it yourselves, but we will map it for you.
Just say what you want and we will make it.

- Vehicles:
Your gang will be allowed to have vehicles inside the Mapped Base.
But the vehicles won't be locked, they will be enterable for everyone.

- Skin, Weapons, Weaponskill:
Your gang will have 5 skins where every member could choose 1 skin from.
Also your gang will have weapons (Max: 5) and the gang is allowed to have one skilled weapon.
The skilled weapon will make more damage then normally. (Weaponskill will be set to 250)

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