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Donation Information

Post  Corne on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:49 pm

£1 - £5: Donator Level 1
- You will be able to spawn at a special donatorsspawn.
- You will get 25 in-game score for every £1 you donate.
- You will not get autoforced anymore.
- You will get a [Donator] tag in front of your name.
- You are allowed to create a map with 10 objects for ingame.

Donate Now:
Click here to send a PayPal Donation of any amount (recommended)
Click here to send a OneBip Donation of 1 GBP(£)

Donation Form:

Full Name:
Payment: (Paypal / Onebip)
In-Game Name:
Donation Amount (GBP £):


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